Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Dark and Forbidding Story on the Deck of Wilsers on a Friday Evening Not Too Long Ago

It was a dark and forbidding evening on the deck at Wilsers on a Friday evening not too long ago and Beth and Eric and Joe and I had a strange feeling that things were in the brew. Beth was creating Beer Glass Condensation Art on the table top ...

Then we heard a voice. A voice. It was Whitefeather.

She said, "I'm on my way over to see Deanna and watch my new tape with her. It's strange, but artful. And every time I watch it a little girl calls me and reminds me that I have to do something in seven days."

We all noticed a strange lack of features in this otherwise beautiful woman's face ...

She said, "How about if I come up and play it for all of you ..."

Beth said, "Um ... I think I'll pass. I have lots more Beer Glass Condensation Art to finish before I get to watch movies?"

Joe said, "Uh ... no thanks. I think I feel a poem coming on."

Eric said, "Nope. And pass this on to the little girl who keeps phoning."

Our bartender, Ms. Picaroons, said, "I watched it six days ago and I feel just great!"

An artificial life form that escaped from Gallery Connexion jumped out and ate her.

Mirelle came right out of the blue and said, "Evil thing, get thee gone from Whitefeather's face."

Then she lambasted the evil thing a few times with no shortage of enthusiasm. And then she lambasted the video tape. And then Whitefeather was beautiful again and eating delicious strawberries.

"That was certainly exciting," said Beth. "Why don't we play a game now."

Eric said, "Just as long as it doesn't involve video tapes and girls with timetables and phones."

"How about ... can you find the pigeon?" said Beth.

Can you?


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