Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sleepy Driver and the BlackTop MotorCycle Gang

Want something different this Saturday night? Wanna try your brain on music and words and more ... oh ... much more than a little craziness? You need to treat yourself, your significant other, your best friend, your alter ego, your in-laws, your out-laws, your guardian angel, your co-host, your reflection, your shadow, your creditors, your imaginary friend, your first love, your godparents, your id, your noisy next door neighbors, your hot banana drinking buddy, your over the top under the grill and load on the side gang to ... It's Fredericton's grooviest smoothiest band with large vocal breasts and musical balls the size of a Manhattan demolition project ... teamed up with Fredericton's most puzzling answer to the question: Huh?

I'll be reading Driving to the End of the World.

This will only happen once. And then it will be gone. And if you don't go, you will have missed it. And then you will die.

Don't die. Go to the James Joyce Pub this Saturday, May 5. And live.

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