Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Walk With Li

I've worked with Li Wang (pronounced Wong) in there different companies for over a decade. They were all IT companies. This, some would say, is our curse. But today, the sun was shining, it was almost warm (except for the wind), and there was a Spring-like scent to the air. Li and I went for a walk around the campus of the University of New Brunswick and this is what we saw ... We saw a hill with almost no snow on it just days after a snow storm that all but crippled the city ... We saw Lori Morse at the UNB Arts Center just a day before her exhibition with Silverfish - a collective of Fredericton photographers - at the Charlotte Street Arts Center ... We saw an art exhibit in the making at the UNB Arts Center ... It's called ... We saw art by Keirstead Hall ... a very weird place indeed ... but good art from this angle ... ... and this angle ... ... even from this angle ... And then we went back to work.

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