Saturday, April 21, 2007

Jamie Bishop, 1971 - 2007

Barry Hunter, creator of Baryon Online Magazine, sent this to his subscribers. With his permission, I've reprinted it here.


Jamie Bishop, 1971 - 2007

As I watched the TV screen in silence as they reported the events that took place at Virginia Tech, I felt sorrow for all of the families that would ultimately be involved in the sorrow and the pain. Little did I know that it would affect me as well. I didn’t think I knew anyone there, but I found out I was wrong and the pain has hit and won’t go away. It’s not pain for me, but for a friend of mine who has enjoyed his accomplishments as a writer, but more so in the accomplishments and the success of his children.

I’ve known Michael (Mike) Bishop for over thirty years. I have enjoyed everything he has written including the glimpses of his family life on Christmas cards and emails about works in progress and how the children were growing and what they were doing. I’ve visited in his home and sat at his dinner table. But right now, I can’t come up with a single word to let him know I’m there for him and his family.

By now, the entire nation knows about Jamie and the way he left this world for a better one. Jamie was valedictorian of his class, received a Bachelors and Masters degree in German from the University of Georgia, went to Germany as a Fulbright Scholar, and spent several years in Germany where he worked as a translator, English teacher and other things. There he found the love of his life and brought her back as his wife. He spent five years at UNC Chapel Hill and moved to Virginia Tech two years ago to teach German.

Jamie was also an artist having done several book covers for his fathers’ books and other authors as well. His latest has just appeared on Aberrant Dreams 9. He also was into digital photography and had a terrific eye for what he wanted to accomplish.

Mike taught at the Air Force Academy and is currently Writer in Residence at Lagrange College. Jeri is a school counselor. Jamie’s wife Steffi (Stephanie Hofer) is also a German teacher at Virginia Tech. This made it hard for Jamie to go in any other direction.

From all accounts Jamie loved life and lived it to the fullest and he died doing what he loved best. His website is

My prayers and my love go out to Jamie’s family: his wife - Steffi , his parents – Mike and Jeri, and his sister – Stephanie her husband Joel and their two children. I have no words to express the pain in my heart or a way to help remove your pain. Just know that my prayers and my love are with you.


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