Monday, April 02, 2007

Too Late! BlackTop MotorCycle Gang Is Alive!

You thouGht it was just a rUmor. You thought, No nO nOO no Noo! They can't unleAsh THAT! Not tHAt! But thEy diD. It's aLiVe. And it'S on the prOWel. It's coMinG for YOU. It's comInG for yOUr bRain. To eAt it. AliVe. To swALLOw it aNd spiT it oUt iNTo soMEthiNg diFFerEnt and preSS it bAck into your hEAd. Don't boTHer ruNning. It's tOO latE. BlackTop MotorCycle Gang. A whOle New meaninG foR the woRd(s) TWIST. ED.


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