Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bike Trip To Killarney Lake

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Birds chirped merrily. A light breeze tickled the earth into waking up. And there was that cautious hush around human activity, as though making the normal sounds of life would scare Spring away and the sky would open up and dump tons of snow onto earth like it did last week. But that didn't happen today. So I pumped up the tires on my mountian bike and headed out to Killarney Lake with my camera.

It was worth the trip.

Here's what the lake looked like as I came into it from the road ...

Not quite ready for swimming, but give it a week or two. The frog pond seems to be clearing off nicely.

This is the birthplace of the notorious Coleman Frog, believed to be the largest frog in the world. Its carcass now sits in a glass case in the York Sunbury Museum.

This is the brige that crosses the lake where it joins the frog pond.

People fish from here. Yes, there are fish in Killarney Lake ... bass, trout and gold fish the size of basketballs.

This is what the lake looks like through the woods. Notice its lake-ness.

There's a path around the lake. It's where people run in the Duncan Hadley Triathlon every July.

The path still has a few ice bars, but, like this one, they're cracking and melting.

At the far end of the lake, the path rises up for beautiful view of the lake (picture to come much later), but on the other side of the path, you can trek a short way into the woods where a stream runs through it.

You can even get right up close and take pictures and it won't bite you.

Or you can just stand back and get the whole thing.


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