Thursday, March 22, 2007

First Day of Spring in At the Edge of the World

OK, so the First Day of Spring was on Tuesday and this is Thursday. But ... just look at this for a First Day of Spring ... I mean ... my head's still reeling. I'm still drying my socks, shaking flakes out my ears and putting the sandals and shorts back in moth balls. I'm from Toronto. When I was a kid two thousand years ago, we had sunny skies and green grass this time of year. We used to cook eggs on the sidewalk Easter Sunday. Crabs in Lake Ontario didn't have fur. I figured I'd be cruising the trails on my bike by now, running barefoot at the lake, fraternizing with rabbits and squirrels in the woods.

So, like, I'm still in shock - some might say since the sixties - and I really really really hate snow, winter, cold and those fucking long dark winter nights.

So if you don't like getting this First Day of Spring picture two days after the First Day of Spring, then don't bloody well look at it.


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