Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ever Wanted to Murder Someone?

I did it. And I got away with it. More than once. In fact, I’ve killed several thousand people. And you can too. This summer, I’ll be giving a workshop on mystery and suspense writing at the Maritime Writers’ Workshop. It’ll be a total immersion into the art of creating fiction that perplexes, intrigues and puzzles. You’ll learn how to spy on people to create convincing characters, and create settings that appeal to every sense ... including fear.

You’ll also learn when it’s right to use sex, violence and Beethoven’s 9th, You’ll learn to plot and create surprise endings. There’ll be a ghost hunt, lots of discussion, and advice on getting published. There’ll even be a party, perhaps unsuspecting victims.

And you’ll learn how to get away with murder. Do you dare to learn more? Then click here.


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