Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Night Styles Fredericton Presents: Really Shaking Night Spots Part 2: Party in the Park After Dark

Halfway up Odell Park is where the action swings at night at Party in the Park After Dark, one of the hottest new “aux naturelle” destinations with miles of open-air halls for you to stumble around in a joyful stupor.

And what a thrill it is to sit in the Seat of Pagan Kings so close to the dance floor that you can literally trip the dancers as they spaz under the full moon light. Seating is available on a keep-it-till-somebody-bigger-comes-along ... and-kicks-your-sorry-ass-off-it basis.

Overnight accommodations are available in the Stoned Hedge Room, conveniently situated within pass out distance of the dance floor and a gentle roll from the Seat of Pagan Kings … but watch those crazy rocks! They’ll try to give you a playful knock on the noggin’ when you’re noddin’ off. Never a dull moment at Party in the Park After Dark!

And at the end of a hard day walking the streets, testing the generosity of human-kind in front of Tim Hortons, and pushing that heavy shopping cart to the recycling station, there’s nothing more relaxing than easing back in the spa pool, newly enlarged to accommodate half bodies at a time.

Party in the Park After Dark! It’s your ticket to some truly rocking party time. And remember … every Friday night is Howl at the Moon Night … moon or no moon.

No dress code! No reservations required! Pets welcome. BYOB&D.


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