Sunday, November 05, 2006

Night Styles Fredericton Presents: Really Shaking Night Spots Part 3: Chez Sous La Pont

Need a roof over your head when you party into the ground? Chez Sous La Pont is the spot for you!

Tied into the Fredericton trail system, Chez Sous La Pont is just a short crawl from dozens of park benches along the city's scenic Green ... a quaint meeting spot for those with no particular place to be and guys looking for guys.

Even with the historical CNR train bridge ceiling, you'll never feel crowded at Chez Sous La Pont. With lots of concrete leaning space and a wide open dance floor, you'll never have to worry about revelers bumping into your drinking arm and spilling aftershave onto the newspapers stuffed into your sweater.

Whether you’re spazzing up an amphetamine storm on the dance floor or just lying back while the rubber uncoils on your arm, you’ll be amazed by the wealth of native art displayed on the walls at Chez Sous La Pont, and you can pick from two seating motifs: gravel and less gravel.

Make Chez Sous La Pont a must see on your social calendar this weekend! Every Saturday night is Train Circle Fire And Go Choo Choo night! Wear your best boots and join the fun.

No dress code! No reservations required! Pets welcome. BYOB&D.


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