Sunday, September 09, 2007

Studio Watch Emerging Artist Series featuring Deanna Musgrave

(NOTE: Presented by Greenarm and organized by The Beaverbook Art Gallery, the Studio Watch Emerging Artist Series selected Deanna Musgrave this year. You can view the magnificent paintings in this exhibition at the New Brunswick Museum at Market Square in Saint John.)

Working at the Casemates Series this summer on those sweltering days with no air conditioning, no fans, not even a drop ice cold Champaign. I was so hot, the paint melted and sometimes wouldn’t stick to the canvas. Well, maybe not that hot. But close.

“No,” said Deanna. “It is that hot. I’ve had to glue my paint to the canvas. I just hope the glue doesn’t melt.”

The glue stuck … and this painting was destined for greatness.

At Studio4ward, Deanna worked long hours, day and night, without sleep or food. These paintings were destined for greatness.

Often, her only companionship was the music from her CD player.

A particularly large piece tried to drive her crazy. “I’m going to make this piece work, or I’m going to eat it,” she said with chilling resolve.

After a monumental three day final push, the piece was finished. She celebrated by eating a cracker. This painting, also, was destined for greatness.

On the day of destiny, Deanna was sitting by a Rick Burns painting at Ingrid Mueller’s Art+Concepts, cool as a cucumber.

And then she remembered, this is my day of destiny. Today was the opening of her exhibition: STUDIO WATCH Emerging Artist Series.

The eyes of the world would be upon her. She took this gracefully.

The exhibition was at the New Brunswick Museum in Saint John. She drove up with Ingrid, who noticed that Deanna seemed a little nervous.

“I haven’t got a clue how to drive a car with a standard transmission,” said Ingrid. “This car has a standard transmission.”

Deanna’s mind was suddenly on anything but an exhibition.

They arrived safely in Saint John and set off to the New Brunswick Museum …

… where Deanna’s family was waiting to greet her.

And from there on, it was amazing.


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