Monday, May 21, 2007

The Preemption of Surge: Act III (Life in the Strange Lane: A Camera Goes Bad) by the NO LIMITS 12 Hour Read-A-Thon, Part 2 (Officer’s Square)

As we approached Officer’s Square saw Whitefeather in the distance. She had just finished reading to her music box. This can do strange things to gravity, but the reading went off well and nobody fell off the world.

However, the audience did need some minor adjustments.

Old Skull read next. He read from a book with many strange symbols and images.

I think I may have been something that caused further disruptions in gravity. In fact, Old Skulls reading lifted Karen off the ground and she ran on air.

Greg read from one of his works in the works, called Lake of Authority – but he assured us that he would be changing the name.

John, dressed in MotorCycle BlackTop, read from the Cheap Red Wine Manifesto.

Chris read from the biggest book in the world. Much of what he read had been drawn.

Chris’s second reading was in accompaniment to a dulcimer. Sam held the big book with all its resplendent drawings. The music was calm and relaxing the words were decadent.

The Other John sang his reading and played guitar.

Then four of people stepped forth and read for Larry Swatuk, university professor in Maun, Botswana. Here they are waving to Larry just before the reading …

Each of the readers had a page and brought their own voice to Larry’s compelling poem which, BTW was called On Reading.

I finished up by reading excerpts from one of my family stories, Sleeping In Ditches.

Next: We go to the library for children’s readings.


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