Sunday, January 21, 2007

From Hollywood Experts and Published Authors: Words of Wisdom for Starving Artists, Part 2: The Chapters and the Web Sites

Just in from the editor of From Hollywood Experts and Published Authors … the chapters and the web sites for each of the authors:

Chapter 1 – Literary Legalities: Copyright And Other Protections For Aspiring Writers by Natalie C. Bandlow ( and Lincoln D. Bandlow (

Chapter 2 – Inspiring and Funny Story about Jo Kelly’s Life in Hollywood by Jo Kelly (

Chapter 3 – The Experience of Writing My First Novel: Strategy and Process by Dr. Hugh Rosen (

Chapter 4 – Oh, Those Managers and Agents … Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Live Without Them …by Michael J. Wallach (

Chapter 5 – Three Important Quotes by Marcus Alexander Hart (

Chapter 6 – Science Fiction/Fantasy Literary Conventions: anything but conventional by Peter Prellwitz (

Chapter 7 – A Very Brief Memoir of the 2006 Maritime Writers’ Workshop and Literary Festival – From a Survivor by Biff Mitchell (

Chapter 8 – Life of a Writer on a Christmas Tree Farm by Darrell Bain (

Chapter 9 – Up Close & Personal: Confessions of a Serial Writer by Eugen M. Bacon (

Chapter 10 – Analysis of a Goal Plan by Lea Schizas (

Chapter 11 – Grants and Opportunities for Writers: Thinking Outside the Box by Patricia Harrington (

Chapter 12 – Getting the Word Out by Karen DeGroot Carter ( and (

Chapter 13 – Just What is Science Fiction, Anyway? by J. Richard Jacobs ( and ( and J's science site at: (

Chapter 14 – Casting Children as Extras/Background Actors by Jo Kelly (

Chapter 15 – Be Not Just A Smart Actor, But an Actor With Smarts by Michael J. Wallach (

Chapter 16 – Creative Writing and the Examined Life by Dr. Hugh Rosen (

Chapter 17 – Edit or Be Damned by Eugen M. Bacon (

Chapter 18 – Truth in Fiction by Karen DeGroot Carter ( and (

Chapter 19 – How To Become a World Famous Best Selling Author, Work Seven Days a Week And Still Earn Less Than a Migrant Day Laborer by Darrell Bain (

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