Monday, October 16, 2006

BIFFMITCHELL_dot_NEWS Has Gone to the Ditch

The much-awaited and vaunted vaulted and delayed issue of BIFFMITCHELL_dot_NEWS, my totally uninformative, unattractive, and rightly unappreciated newsletter was posted last night to over a hundred subscribers, none of whom will read it.

If you didn't receive a copy in your email, then you're not on the list. If you'd like to subscribe so that you too can ignore it on those rare occasions when it's published, then just send an email to me at with "Subscribe to your useless newsletter" in the subject line. And feel free to insult me in the body of the email.

On the other hand, if your email box gets full of crap even more irrelevant than my newsletter and you'd like to keep it clear for the good stuff like get rich quick schemes, links to couples who go all the way in your neighborhood, and the secret to eternal youth and vitality, then you can download the enhanced multimedia PDF edition that contains actual color photography and genuine fonts by clicking here.

This issue features a sneak preview of my family story, Sleeping In Ditches.


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