Monday, October 23, 2006

Night Styles Fredericton Presents: Really Shaking Night Spots Part 1: The Riverview Mingle & Dance

Tired of the same-old-same-old nightspots with their predictable line-ups for drinks, long waits for food, mindless blatting music, crowded dance floors and indoor plumbing? Then, it’s time to head on down to the scenic Saint John River right behind the Governor General’s mansion for The Riverview Mingle & Dance.

The Riverview Mingle & Dance boasts a magnificent view of the Saint John River unimpeded by walls and window frames and a relaxing décor that exploits the natural beauty of “found” objects such as trees and rock formations to create your personal getaway from the world “in there.”

The Riverview Mingle & Dance takes advantage of “pre-existing artifacts” such as couch-shaped concrete structures and sewage outcroppings blended with natural rock and alder bushes to generate a cozy atmosphere where you can let your hair down while you down a quart of your finest rubbing alcohol.

Imagine you and your special date sitting around the Riverview Mingle & Dance main mingle room sharing a bottle, passing a needle, drying your socks over an open fire.

The Riverview Mingle & Dance’s main dance floor boasts spectacular under-the-stars dancing and a low impact dance floor.

Music is random and has included such greats as Bob on the harmonica, Joe on the Jew’s Harp, Danny playing Silent Night on grass blades and the ever popular Mad Dog Parker singing Bridge Over Troubled Waters.

The Riverview Mingle & Dance. No cover. No dress code. Pets welcome. No reservations required. BYOB&D


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