Sunday, February 18, 2007

Odd Sundays at Molly’s

Every odd Sunday (i.e., those Sundays when things seem strange and otherworldly), the literary elite of Fredericton gather at Molly’s Coffee House for coffee, wine, beer and … oh yeah … readings of poetry, prose, and biography.

Molly’s Coffee House, as some of you know, is the setting for Still Life with Muse and Sax, my Beat story about the cruelty of my muse (though, in real life, she’s an angel, but muses are supposed to cause pain) and you would be hard put to find a place more Beat than Molly’s. It’s like a slice of 50’s Greenwich Village or Yorkville. You can almost imagine Jack Kerouac or Jackson Pollack crouched over a table at Molly’s talking existential trash into the wee hours of the night.

Here’s part of the crowd that showed up earlier today for feature writer Betty Ponder.

Here’s Molly, the irascible angel of Fredericton’s literati.

Here’s Alice.

Alice (also a writer) arranges the readings at Odd Sundays at Molly’s.

This is Betty Ponder, the featured writer.

Read more about her at the Writer’s Federation of New Brunswick blog.

Completely out of character, I was sitting with the two most glamorous women in the house (except you, of course, Molly), Susan and Mihaela.

Susan was one of the readers in the Open Set (sort of like a writer’s Open Mike) and will be leaving the city next week to travel far and wide with final destination London. Mihaela is a popular poet in Rumania and, coming soon, in Canada.

I read Driving to the End of the World and was understandably stoned to death by misguided well-wishers.


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