Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Imagine a 24" x 36" Robbie Burns in your livingroom next Robbie Burns Day.

Hey folks,

I’ll be running in the Relay for Life on June 8 (which, as it happens, will also be my next 29th birthday). So, I’m going to hit all my friends, associates, family, complete strangers, friends and families of complete strangers, people I haven’t seen in years,... people I’ve never seen, second and third cousins twice removed (whatever the hell that means). You obviously fit neatly into this.

But this won’t be just any sponsorship in which you shower me with money and just get to feel good knowing that you did the right thing and now God’s gonna love you to pieces and open the gates of heaven on the day you meet.

Here’s the deal: Everyone who sponsors me will have their name put in a draw for a breathtaking 24x36 inch photograph of Robbie Burns (as shown on this page), the Scottish poet who laid the groundwork for punk rock over two hundred years ago. This is a one-of-a-kind picture, not available at Walmart, Amazon or The Dollar Store. I took it myself at one of those moments when the lighting was just right for about 3 seconds before darkness fell like spilled ink and my camera battery died. Talk about timing.

BTW, donations of 20 bucks or more are tax deductible. You can donate here:

Make sure that you use a name I’ll recognize in the Donation Information field so that I know to put your name in the draw.

The draw will be held June 8, 2012 at the relay site (Fredericton Exhibition Grounds).

BUT WAIT: That’s not all! After we draw for the winner of the Robbie Burns picture, we’ll also draw three more times. Each of these three incredibly lucky people will win a picture shoot of their choice: family portrait, social media profile picture or other (within reason…sorry…no wedding pictures ... and really can't travel to Tibet, much as I'd like to). These will be five high resolution JPEGs.

Why am I doing this? Well, my mother had breast cancer. It ruined her life. Slowly. It chipped away at everything she ever was. It’s time to end this ugly disease and the ugly things it does to beautiful people. Like my mother.

Thanks for your support.


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