Monday, March 19, 2012

The Reality Wars

My latest novel, The Reality Wars, was released a couple of weeks ago complete with lurid cover in the tradition of Kilgore Trout. Here's a little about the book:

Cassie Mae Hayes is the idol of the universe. For a thousand years, she’s been triumphant in the Reality Wars, a deadly series of online games played every 100 years and broadcast throughout the galaxies. But Cassie, a sentient software program, is tormented by the death of her virtual mother after her human father abandoned them 2000 years earlier. Now, he’s back…just in time to abandon her again as he goes off to save the universe with the help of a computer virus that thinks it’s Buddha.

The Reality Wars is set in a universe devoid of intelligent life other than humans, clones and sentient software. Life spans extend into thousands of years, but after the mysteries of Creation have been explored, mapped and explained away, boredom and death-wish define human nature. Genetically connected to an internet based on the vibrations that compose the stuff of existence, humans share online life equally with virtual reality people.

The Reality Wars will not just pit human against software, but throw four extraordinary women into a life-or-death contest that turns deadlier than ever from a new twist… it’s run in both the virtual and real worlds against the backdrop of an inter-galactic war that will change the very nature of the universe.

The Reality Wars is now available at Amazon (Kindle Reader), Chapters/Indigo (Kobo Reader), Barnes & Noble (Nook Reader), Powell’s (Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), Reader Store (Sony Reader) and others.

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Are you sure humans qualify as "intelligent life"?

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