Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The CBC Poetry Face Off

Haven't got a clue why they would include me in something like this, unless it has something to do with me being what's commonly referred to in common circles as one of those "not-poets."

Here's from the site: "The Poetry Face-Off takes Flight for 2009

Starting February 6 in Regina, the poetic pugilists battle it out in CBC Radio's national competition.

CBC Radio is pleased to announce the eighth annual Poetry Face-Off! The popular Canada-wide competition brings together 45 poets in peak form to sound off in 11 cities stretching from Victoria to St. John's.

From January to March, five poets in each locale, commissioned by CBC regional producers to reflect local voices and traditions, will face-off before a live audience and deliver their words on this year's theme - 'Flight'. At each event, the spectators vote for their favourite poem, and the winner goes on to the National Poetry Face-Off, airing in April on CBC Radio One.

From its inception seven years ago, the Poetry Face-Off has been a cross-country event. This year, face-offs are being held in:

Yellowknife - TBA
Vancouver - March 20th
Edmonton - March 5th
Calgary - March 12th
Regina - February 6th
Winnipeg - March 11th
Toronto - March 3rd
Fredericton - March 12th
Halifax - February 25th
Sydney - February 23rd
St. John's - March 12th"

The Fredericton Face Off takes place at the Garrison District Ale House on Queen Street at 6:30 PM. Get there early if you want a good seat.

Click here to learn more about the Fredericton team.


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