Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Maritime Writers’ Workshop Hosts the Words of the People 12 Hour Read-a-Thon


March 7, 2008

The Maritime Writers’ Workshop Hosts the Words of the People 12 Hour Read-a-Thon

Summary: On March 29, the Maritime Writers’ Workshop and Literary Festival will host the second annual Words of the People 12 Hour Read-a-Thon in Fredericton. The event will begin at 9 AM and continue at venues throughout the city with a grand finale poetry slam, beginning at 9 PM at Windsor Castle.

(Fredericton, March 5, 2008) Freddie Beach is in for an explosion of words and literature of every possible type from poetry and songs to blogs and six word short stories as galleries, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and parks around the city host readers and writers of every type. The event is the Words of the People 12 Hour Read-a-Thon sponsored by the Maritime Writers’ Workshop and Literary Festival.

Held in April of 2007 as the No Limits 12 Hour Read-a-Thon, the event will be held in 2008 on Saturday, March 29 with an expanded offering of reading categories for both amateur and professional writers – and for anyone who just wants to get out and read in front of an audience from their favorite book or television ad.

“We want this to be a day when the people of Fredericton can have a voice with whatever type of literature turns them on the most,” said event organizer Biff Mitchell. “We’ll have venues for children’s literature, blogging, humor, emails, letters from home, postcards, screenplays, poetry, short fiction, river stories, favorite Facebook status updates, sports writing … everything.”

The Read-a-Thon made its debut last year with over 30 readers and over 100 listeners meeting in art galleries, bars, coffee shops, the Fredericton Public Library, and outdoors throughout the city.

“We had people reading from book marks and coffee cans at one point,” said Mr. Mitchell. “This year, we’ll have a catch-all venue for literary genres that defy description. For instance, has anyone done a formal reading on tattoo literature? This is their chance.”

The readings will start at 9 AM by the Brunswick Street entrance to the Boise Farmers Market, continue throughout the day, and end at Windsor Castle (aka Alden Nowlan House) on Windsor Street with a BlackTop MotorCycle Gang reading raid followed by a poetry slam open to the public.

The Words of the People 12 Hour Read-a-Thon will promote the Maritime Writers’ Workshop and Literary Festival. “This year, we’re doing something different with the Writers’ Workshop,” said Alison Howells, Program Development Officer at the UNB Art Centre. “We're reaching out to local talent so that we can offer more variety with shorter and more topical workshops, such as cyber punk fiction and writing humor. We want the Workshop to be more accessible to the general public and more responsive to their interests."

Categories of reading so far include poetry, prose fiction, prose non-fiction, journalism, art talks, letters, journals, postcard and diaries, the six word short story, blogs and Facebook, essays, river literature, sports writing, children’s writing, humor, business writing, favorite emails, café and coffee shop writing, screenplays and theatre scripts, favorite ads from TV, the Web, radio, magazines, newspapers, monologues, musical lyrics, ballads, science fiction and fantasy, and a catch-all event where anything goes.

Readers can sign up by sending an email to with their name and what category (or categories) they would like to enter. Local businesses, galleries, cafes, bars, bookstores, or other organizations can use this email or call 455-2433 and leave a message if they wish to sponsor a reading.


Words of the People 12 Hour Read-a-Thon
Biff Mitchell
455-BIFF (2433)

The Maritime Writers' Workshop and Literary Festival
Alison Howells
UNB Art Centre


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