Sunday, October 14, 2007

BlackTop MotorCycle Gang at Studio4ward

It was a fiercely non-stormy day about to break with rain and fire when four members of the BlackTop MotorCycle Gang converged on Studio4ward for a reading raid.

The audience was quiet, still ...

You might even say ... up against the wall. We have that effect on our audiences.

Biff (hey, that's me!) read K-Mart Uterus, a piece written by WhiteFeather and read live a few weeks ago on Joe Blades' radio show. But nobody liked the way I read it, or my aftershave, so they didn't take pictures. Instead, they took this picture of Andrea saying to WhiteFeather, "What the hell is Biff doing to your wonderful story?"

To which she replied, "It's OK, I'm looking up an anti-Biff formula on the Internet. He'll not mess with my stories again."

John sprayed Essence de Mot all over the ceiling when he read about boxes and other stuff from his post-hippie graduate student days.

Andrea read a beautiful poem with shocking images. And I always thought she was such a nice girl. Maybe we can get her to read it again at Molly's next Sunday.

WhiteFeather read a beautifully humorous piece about her grandfather ... only slightly fictionalized. This was the first time she'd ever read to an audience from her computer.

All seven members of the BlackTop MotorCycle Gang (and possibly one or two new members) will be appearing at Molly's Coffee House on Queen Street next Sunday (October 21) for Odd Sunday's at Molly's. Everyone is invited. Bring an open mind.


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